The week’s best Florida Man headlines as well as a plethora of other nonsense

#NoOffense Episode 50 - 8/25/2018

August 26th, 2018

This week on #NoOffense we celebrate the big 5-0. 50 episodes, we can't believe it...and it was even better because we got to unveil the finalists for our Spunklube contest! Shout outs to Karla from Go Postal Podcast, PJ from the Bicker Bots, Nikki from These Drunk B's and Bobby Light, producer of the Simmons and Moore Podcast for making it to the final four, but now its up to the fans to decide who will take home the prize! Check out our twitter @HTNOS and vote on the poll that will be open until next episode where we will announce the winner. And also a special shout out to Amanda from the Blunt Mommy Podcast...her submissions landed her in a class by herself and she will receive a Spunklube prize pack separate of the voting!

We still did our usual WTF Florida nonsense too and we discussed the #FloridaMan who drove his motorcycle down the interstate with his feet, a man who got shot in the ass over Facebook Donald Trump posts, a woman that tried to pay her electric bill with a fake $50,000 money order and internet sensation "Paul Flart", the security guard who lost his job over his viral fart videos on YouTube. All this and more this week on #NoOffense!



This week's featured podcast is Simmons and Moore


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