The week’s best Florida Man headlines as well as a plethora of other nonsense

#NoOffense Episode 32 - Mike Frey, Four Stacks Brewing 4/14/2018

April 15th, 2018

This week on #NoOffense we recorded on location from Four Stacks Brewing here in Apollo Beach, Florida with topics covering the Mark Zuckerberg hearings, T.J Miller's bomb threat, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis' bomb joke at LAX, glowing rocks from on a local beach here in Florida, Stan Lee being mistreated and Kevin Smith opening his home to him, the Disney/Fox deal being completed and what it means to the Marvel movie franchise and Steven Spielberg being open to a female Indiana Jones for the next film. About an hour in we were joined by Mike Frey, assistant brewer at Four Stacks and we sampled some of their fantastic brews and got to nerd out on beer and hear about where the brewery came from and what's next for them as well. Lots of beer, lots of nonsense...hope you enjoy it cause we sure did.

Beers featured on the show from Four Stacks Brewing:

Cone Nugs-n-Harmony - New England Style IPA - 5.6%

Cold Sport - English Pale Ale - 5.4%

Chocolate Coffee Porter Nitro - Porter - 6.7%

Golden Idol - Belgian Strong Ale - 8%

Sunny Groves - Double IPA - 7.8%

A Girl Has No Name - Smoked Vanilla Porter - 6.8%

The Crystal Ship - Milk Stout - 6.6%


This weeks featured podcast is And The Losers Are


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