The week’s best Florida Man headlines as well as a plethora of other nonsense

#NoOffense Episode 54 - 9/21/2018

September 23rd, 2018

This week on #NoOffense we talk some NFL with Vonte Davis retiring at halftime, Ryan Fitzmagic as Jason's Halloween costume inspiration, and big time blazer Josh Gordon getting moved to the Patriots and speaking of weed our Welcome To Florida stories this week include a man who tried to grab his share of "Sea Weed", a man who got caught pleasuring himself at the laundromat, and a bartender who took matters into her own hands when a customer got lippy about how long she was in the bathroom.

We get into some movie talk and share reactions to the new Marvel trailer for Captain Marvel and discuss how some felt that the trailer did a disservice to it's star, Henry Cavill out as Superman and possibly getting replaced by Michael B. Jordan, Lebron James starring in a new Space Jam, thoughts on Tag and The Meg, how there aren't really any true action heroes like there were in our day, and what would we do if we were caught in the zombie apocalypse. All this and much more this week on the #NoOffense show!



This week's featured podcast is Sensible People


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