The week’s best Florida Man headlines as well as a plethora of other nonsense

#NoOffense Episode 49 - 8/17/2018

August 19th, 2018

This week on #NoOffense we talk about our relationships and how we manage the potential pitfalls that arise...be it the dreaded Ex, differing parenting styles, the work spouse or even social media and how we have dealt with these problems and more in our own situations. But never fear, this isn't an episode of Oprah or The View, this week our WTF Florida stories show us a guy who tried to make a steak house into a strip club, a burglar that just wanted to break in and cut his hair, a crazy police chase in Brevard and a story we only can refer to as "Redneck Uber". Top it all off with some Fantasy Football and Draftkings with a dash of cat brothel and you have Episode 49 of the #NoOffense show!


This week's featured podcast is Just The Tips: A Menmoir


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