The week’s best Florida Man headlines as well as a plethora of other nonsense

HTNOS - Hashtag Hotline

March 3rd, 2019

This week on #NoOffense we changed things up a bit and decided to open our phone lines to you and take calls live during recording.  We had a blast and had calls from HTNOS regulars Joe B with his weekly bars as well as a live submission to our online dating contest and Adam Simmons who just called to say high and sexually harass 2 Rings. Our friend Randal from Married AF asked us to weigh in on a listener question he got on his podcast about farting in front of you significant other and lastly a special call from 2 Ring's long lost buddy Gary. Thank you for calling in and rapping with us guys!


Aside from the calls, we got into our usual HTNOS nonsense as we discuss March being oral sex month and a special apparatus we discovered on AdamandEve.com to help you along with your endeavors, teens boiling tampons and drinking the liquid to get high, Alex Jones on Joe Rogan, dreams and aspirations of opening a Marijuana dispensary and Florida's push to become the next state to pass full legal recreational marijuana. Speaking of our great state of Florida, WTF takes us to a police standoff that was ended with the promise of pizza, running from police to get to a cheeseburger, robbers that got stuck in the mud mid heist and a man accused of assaulting his lady with a cookie.  All this and more this week on #NoOffense!


This week's featured podcast is Heavyweight Chumps



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